About Us


We believe that the wholesome and healthy development of children is of the utmost importance. All materials in our product have been developed to maximize the safe and material development of children of all ages. We believe that stimulating children’s imagination has the potential to lay the foundation for the future of their growth as complete individuals and we could not be happier to participate in the process.

About Colossal Blocks

The Colossal Block Set features large colorful, interlocking blocks. The options are endless with these educational and entertaining blocks. Your little one can make shapes like vehicles, robots, animals, airplanes and more. Designed with kids in mind, these blocks are made with a focus on safety for children older than 3 months. The unique design incorporates food-grade materials that are soft and squishy to the touch, non-toxic and BPA-free, and are easy to clean. Colossal Blocks were designed to stimulate your child’s imagination, motor skills, and cognitive development. Multicolor elements are used with these block so help enhance color cognition and visual development.